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Welcome to BurgMC's Rules Page!
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BurgMC Forum Rules:
  1. No swearing
  2. No bullying, put-downs, or other harassment
  3. No spamming
Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute
BurgMC Modpack Server Rules:

  1. Respect others.
  2. No advertising or mentioning other servers.
  3. Don't ask to become staff.
  4. Don't impersonate staff.

  1. No spamming.
  2. No racism.
  3. No all caps talking. This is considered shouting.
  4. No unapproved links.
  5. Be appropriate, No counting up or down.
  6. All PM's are recorded to the server log and can be retrieved as required by the Minecraft Admin and Tech Team.

Client Mods:

  1. No fly mods.
  2. No x-ray mods.
  3. No jump mods.
  4. No climbing mods.
  5. No speed mods.
  6. No mob radars or cave mods.
  7. Bans for XRAY are in place, please be aware that using any unapproved mod will get you a ban.
Other rules:
  1. No begging or FREE items, all items in-game must have an item or economy trade.
  2. Please don't try and crash the plugins or bots.
  3. No hacking. Using interface mods or programs to circumvent our security system can lead to being banned.
  4. No massive Lag-tastic builds or devices that run 24/7 without approval.
  5. Space out your builds don't be a 1-chunk APE!
  6. No offensive builds, names or skins.
  7. All technical issues or tech support issues related to Minecraft just contact with our staff team on the forums!
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